How to Clean Nespresso Milk Frother

You have a Nespresso machine with a milk frother that makes a hot and rich cappuccino for you no matter what time it is, it just needs a couple of seconds and brews your favorite drink. With perfect taste, creme, and froth milk, you enjoy the perfectly brewed milk-based drink and savor its taste.

After time passes, you notice that your Nespresso milk frother isn’t brewing the best coffee that you loved, and it gradually starts to decrease in hotness and taste. Now there may be many reasons why your Nespresso machine is not brewing the coffee just like it used to, but the main reason is that your machine needs cleaning.

For any machine to work perfectly without inconvenience, they need cleaning, and you need to look after them. The same is the case with the Nespresso machine, especially the milk frother, as froth milk is stuck every time and needs interior cleaning. However, you also need to clean the whole machine once a week to work perfectly if you use them daily.

Since milk gets stuck in some parts of milk, frother cleaning is required after each use. Before going forward with how to clean your Nespresso milk frother, you need to know few things about them, like their design, how to use them, and safety precautions while cleaning them.

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Milk Frother’s Design

The design of milk frother plays an essential role in deciding how hard or easy it would be to clean it. Whether you will struggle or easily clean it depends upon how a machine is designed. Nespresso milk frothers like Aeroccino 3 are designed in such a way cleaning becomes easy and efficient.

The detachable carafe you can pick and carry around quickly, and a motor that can be easily detached from the carafe. Furthermore, there is enough space for you to move the cleaning cloth with the agent inside the carafe and clean it. The Interior of the carafe is coated with non-stick material, while the outside is coated with non-corrosive material to increase machine durability.

Overall, the Nespresso milk frother is well designed and comes with built-in controls and features to thoroughly descale the machine.

Using The Milk Frother

The whole purpose of buying a machine that brews coffee with great taste is the easiness of brewing. However, it wouldn’t hurt if you spend some time on how to use a milk frother as it increases the machine’s durability and makes it easy to clean.

For instance, if you know how to use a milk frother, you will not spill it and avoid making mistakes that led to more cleaning than usual. Cleaning a milk frother is easy and straightforward if you are using it the right way, and here are some steps to ensure that you are:

  1. Use the best-suited whisk for the milk-based drink you want.
  2. Don’t use and place the Nespresso machine and milk frother in a clumsy area as it increases the chances of spilling.
  3. Try to use plastic objects to scoop and maintain the foam for milk-based drinks.
  4. Cleaning the interior of the milk frother after each use.

It is essential that you clean the interior of milk frother after every use as cleaning the whole machine and cleaning frother is two different things. It is recommended to clean the interior of the machine after each use for a perfect and fresh brew of coffee at every time.

Cleaning The Interior Of Frother

Here is a step-by-step guide to cleaning the interior of Milk frother that makes cleaning easy and simple:

  1. You have recently brewed your favorite milk-based drink in a milk frother. You will notice that after pouring the drinks, there are congeals on the attached whisks and wall of the frother.
  2. Remove the carafe jug from the main unit to remove those congeals, and no need to carry the base of the frother with it, just the carafe jug after making sure you have unplugged the machine from the power source.
  3. Warm some of the water and fill the interior of the jug more than half. It helps to remove the congeals and remove almost 70% congeals. Using warm water can help remove congeals more smoothly, or else normal water also does the trick.
  4. Throw the water that is in the carafe jug and re-fill it with warm water but this time, use a soft sponge or finger to remove leftover congeals. Don’t use abrasive items as they can damage the interior.
  5. Repeat this again until you are sure that the interior of the frother is cleaned.

When cleaning the exterior, usually the base, you have to be careful. A dump cloth will do just fine and use it to wipe stains or leftover congeals. Use a dry cloth to dry your unit and thoroughly clean it. You can use olive oil or any lubricative oil on the exterior part to keep it sparkling.

Cleaning Aerocinno 3 Milk Frother

Here is a step-by-step instruction guide that will help you in cleaning the milk frother. With this, you can clean your machine with ease.

  1. Remove the jug from the base. After that, remove the seal from the lid, remove the whisk, and the spring from it.
  2. Wash the interior of the jug, seal, lid, whisk and wipe it with detergent and rinse with cold water. You can also use warm water, not hot water to clean the interior of the machine.
  3. Do not put the jug in the dishwasher, and don’t immerse it in water for any purpose. Only clean the interior of the machine with water and detergent. Just like any other milk frother, use non-abrasive material to clean.
  4. Dry all the Aeroccino parts with a fresh and clean towel, cloth, or paper. Don’t use rigid materials to dry the machine.

Be sure to clean and dry using non-abrasive material and wipe stains and rub lubricants to give a shine to your machine.

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Safety Precautions

  • Don’t immerse the motor inside a bowl filled with water.
  • Don’t soak warm water inside the carafe for more than 10-12 minutes.
  • Make sure no liquid touches the electrical part of the machine.
  • Always clean your unit before the temperature is abated.
  • Keep it in a safe and cool place.
  • Milk frothers are water-resistant not dishwasher safe.
  • Be sure to dry the machine after washing.

Cleaning your unit begins from using it. If you decently use the machine, you get to clean it easily. It is recommended to clean the machine each time a week and clean it after each use. So, the way you use it, the better it will be to clean it all the time.

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