How to Clean Breville Espresso Machine [Ultimate Guide for Beginners] 

Regular cleaning of any espresso machine can lead to an increment in its life. Generally speaking, they last for about 2 to 3 years considering that you use them normally with a deep clean every 3 to 4 months. This is not so often.

When you own an espresso machine, you need to make yourself familiar with the fact that a deep clean needs to be done at least every 2 months, and the most preferred is one a month.

Cleaning your machine also plays a major role in the overall taste of your coffee, says Healthline in its latest survey. Perhaps sometimes the taste is altered which does not sound great. You can alter this by regular cleaning and care of your Breville espresso machine.

In this post, we will be taking you through a series of steps that you should follow to clean your Breville espresso machine in the best possible ways.

1. Begin with cleaning the filter

When your filter stops brewing further, it is time for you to clean it. Remove the filter and filter holder and cleanse them with warm water.

If you see any stuck coffee grounds, use a nylon brush or any other brush that is not harsh, to clean it further. If you use the reusable filter then they require regular cleaning. 

Throw out your paper filters once they get dirty and with one or two uses.

2. Pull a blank shot

Let the hot water run through the places where coffee has been. This will help you to remove any build-up that forms due to regular usage. You will not have to call someone to help you get in there.

Also, this will further clean the filter and filter holder of any left-out build-up. Make sure to place a cup to catch the hot water to avoid any spilling.

3. Clean the frother and steam wand

To keep these two parts in good condition, you should clean them by rinsing them under warm water after every use. Keep the frother under hot water after detaching it from the main unit, to get rid of any dirt or other stuff.

To clean the steam wand, remove the machine off of any electrical supply and put the machine on “stand by”.Next, after the machine has cooled down enough to work with, open the steam wand with the help of a pin that is included in the tools for this machine.

Now rinse it with hot water if it appears blocked or dirty, as there can be some sort of product accumulation. Blow out all the milk present in there by running the steam wand blankly.

You have to make sure before putting it on, that it has been cleaned of any blockage else the hot coffee might loosen the buildup and it may fall into your drink.

4. Cleaning all removable parts.

We are talking about the water tank and drip is better to detach them from the main unit to have a better cleaning. For any accumulation on the drip tray, it is best to leave it in a concoction of some warm water and any cleaning agent/vinegar. The coffee stains which dry off due to regular usage are hard to get rid of without any friction applied, you might have to scrub them as well.

5. Cleaning the housing of the machine

Do not immerse in water or keep under running water. 

It is an electrical appliance and is not designed to withstand water in the electrical part. To clean it in the best possible way, use a washcloth with warm water if it has stains. Else you can use normal water as well to wipe off the machine.

Now that you have all the details needed to clean your Breville espresso machine, it is crucial to make sure that you clean it regularly and on a monthly basis as well.

For a monthly deep clean

Prepare to descale the machine first. Put your espresso machine on “stand by” and pull a shot. Begin by pulling a blank vinegar shot. Just put some vinegar mixed with water to dilute it. And pull a regular shot as you would normally do. The vinegar will kill any bacterial growth happing in the insides also making it fresh from within. It will also help to remove any buildup if any.

Make sure to rinse your unit’s detachable parts after descaling it since the vinegar might cause alteration in your beverages later on.

Now let us answer some of the frequently asked questions:

How to make a descaling solution on your own?

Being a very crucial mix, it has to be in controlled proportions. Especially the vinegar needs to be either equal to or less than the amount of water. The best proportion is 50:50. Mix 50 % water with 50% vinegar and make a concoction. Pour it into the water reservoir and pull a shot.

What should I use to clean my machine’s housing?

Any sort of cleaning agent will do. You can also use normal water with a washcloth to clean it. It is better to transfer the water in a spray bottle to firstly use less water and in a controlled manner and secondly, to avoid the water from entering into intricacies of the machine which is the electrical parts. Avoid making the plug wet and instead, we would ask to unplug the unit first for your safety.

How often should I deep clean my Breville espresso machine?

Once a month is more than enough to perform a deep clean session. Doing more than can potentially wither the machine. a thing to make sure of while deep cleaning is not to use any acidic or alcoholic cleaning agent as this can damage the delicate parts.

Can I use my Breville espresso machine after deep cleaning?

 Yes, you can use your Breville espresso machine after a deep cleaning session.

 Once you have dried it completely, you can begin using it normally. If you begin using it without drying, the vinegar might alter the taste of your coffee, which is not something one would prefer.

Final words

You can clean it at whatever interval of time that suits your preference. However, the one that we have talked about here, is highly suitable and acceptable. For those who want to make their machine last longer, you should make sure that the machine is taken care of and kept in a hygienic state whenever possible.

Another thing we would want to mention is that when you begin deep cleaning, it is better to first pull a blank shot and then detach all the removable parts to wash them separately.

Cleaning tablets are an alternative if you do not want to use vinegar. These are famous cleaning options as espresso cleaning tablets. You should still rinse with normal water to avoid any residue in your beverage. however, it would not make a lot of difference whether you use cleaning tablets or the regular store-bought vinegar in water.

So far this guide must have helped you to learn How to Clean Breville Espresso Machine?

We guarantee you that if you follow all the advice and steps shared regularly and religiously, you can make your Breville espresso machine last longer than expected. It all boils down to the fact that care needs to be taken for anything to make it last longer just as humans need.

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