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“Good Day Starts With Coffee”

Hi! My name is Emily. I’m a professional barista majoring in design and technology. I have had a unique interest in coffee since my college times. This in turn led me to search for the best coffee machine! To be fair, it is rather difficult to go through every machine, but someone has to take a decisive step, right? Although I created this blog by myself but guess what, I was joined by some individuals who are coffee lovers, just like me! We ensure to include a coffee machine in our buyer’s guide on which we have to gain hands-on experience. And who wouldn’t enjoy having a cup of coffee in the process? We know that there are various options when it comes to choosing the best coffee machine. We try our best to try every machine to find which one will be the greatest fit for you. We don’t hesitate from delivering our genuine opinions. To have a clear grasp of how bean coffee machines, latte coffee machines, and filtration systems in coffee machines function, we study them for a few weeks! We also consider additional reviews online we find on dealer and brand sites. So, we don’t leave any questions unanswered when writing our blog. Well, enough about me and my blog. Let’s know something more about my teammates. Because Why not? They are the biggest helping hand for keeping this blog going!

  • Our techs master James! James is a Residential Publisher at this site. He is an electrical major student who knows a lot about several machines and gadgets. When we say machines, these mostly include coffee machines! He always tries new textures of coffee and loves freshly roasted beans. This site is the platform where he covers all topics regarding different machines. But, do you know what he’s thinking about when not reviewing?  Most certainly about food! He is a foodie and wonders about good meals and drinks all the time.
  • Our perfectionist Julia! She is a freelance writer who focuses on kitchenware and has contributed to some really well home-regarded publications. She’s experienced in analyzing household appliances in her free time. This includes juicers, coffee machines, and other appliances! She adores a good cup of coffee. We are certainly assured of this fact as she gets distracted from reviewing coffee machines when enjoying her coffee. Julia is not just a free-lancer but she also is working as a part-time barista! This doubles her experience in reviewing coffee machines! Her passion for coffee and other machinery is what made us appreciate her even more.